From Armistice to Peace: Ending the 70 Year Korean War

Where: The People’s Forum, 320 West 37th Street, New York, New York 10018

What now after Donald Trump crossed the DMZ on June 30th? Will North Korea give up the entirety of its nuclear weapons? Will the U.S. lift sanctions? What role is South Korea playing in the peace process? Come and hear what progressive Koreans are saying on July 25th at the People’s Forum.

On the 66th anniversary of the signing of the Korean War armistice, come and learn about the longest ongoing U.S. war—aka the “Forgotten War”—and the fight to replace the armistice with a permanent peace agreement. This event will include a film screening of Memory of Forgotten War followed by a panel discussion about the current political moment. Join us as we discuss how to engage in ongoing efforts by Korean diaspora and allies to support lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.