Korea Peace Bridge

Korea Peace Bridge is a collaborative video dialogue featuring some members of the Korea Peace Now! grassroots movement. The project began in 2020, a year in which our advocacy faced new challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic and physical distancing.

In an effort to reconnect the community, we invited members to reflect on the 70th anniversary of the Korean War with other peace advocates. Using a method known as “Question Bridge,” inspired by the artist Chris Johnson, we facilitated an anonymous question-answer exchange between participants across age, place, and identity.

You can watch the different exchanges by navigating the thematic categories below. Or watch all the videos via the embedded YouTube video below.

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Why did you get involved in the Korean peace movement?

What do your family members think of your activism?

Did you gradually come into the Korea peace movement?

How can we heal divisions within the overseas Korean community?

What personal challenges have you had to overcome?

What is our relationship with other communities of color in the US?

What has been the most emotional experience for you as a peace activist?

How have your views on the war changed since childhood?

Have you or your family suffered from the Korean War and division?

How has the silence around the Korean War affected you?

Are your family members open to telling their stories of the Korean War?

How has your experience with Korean division differed from your parents?

How has the Korean War impacted your family and you?

Can you tell a family story from the war?

What activities are most necessary to end the Korean War?

Why has the Korean War continued for 70 years without end?

Is the lack of peace a result of the US military industrial complex?

What can we in the US do to help bring peace in Korea?

How can we embrace North Koreans in creating peace?

Do you think reunification is necessary for peace?

If you’re a second-generation Korean American, what motivated you to join the Korea peace work?

What are your thoughts on the possibility of reunification after the old generation dies?

How and why did you become an activist?

What can younger Koreans or non-Koreans do to bring peace?

What made you decide to raise awareness about the Korean War?

How does peace activism today compare to the past?

Have you met North Koreans since Korea was divided?

Do you want to reunify the Korean Peninsula?

What does the end of Korean war and division mean for the world?

How will a peace agreement have a real impact on individual lives?

What would ending the war mean to you?

What do you want to do when North and South Korea live peacefully together?

Where would you go once we establish peace and can travel freely?

What does a demilitarized Korea look like to you?

What is your vision of reunification?

What is the relationship between reunification and demilitarization?

Imagine a peace treaty has passed. Where do you see yourself participating?