Path to Peace: The Case for a Peace Agreement to End the Korean War
The Korea Peace Now! campaign produced this report to assess how a peace-first approach can help resolve the security crisis on the Korean Peninsula.
迈向和平之路: 以和平协议结束朝鲜战争之个案研究 - 执行摘要

The Human Costs and Gendered Impact of Sanctions on North Korea
Korea Peace Now! commissioned this report from an independent panel of experts to assess the human cost of sanctions on North Korea, and particularly on North Korean women, in order to foster dialogue on building peace in the Koreas.


Downloadable factsheets on key topics regarding peace in Korea.

Why the Armistice Should Be Replaced with a Peace Agreement
The Korean War was halted only by a fragile armistice and is the root cause of tensions and hostilities on the Korean Peninsula. Here’s how a peace-first approach can resolve the security crisis on the Korean Peninsula.
정전협정을 평화협정으로 대체해야 하는 이유

The Implications of a Peace Agreement for Denuclearization
A peace-first approach is key to de-escalating the nuclear standoff and creating space for a negotiated resolution.
평화협정이 비핵화에 미치는 함의

The Implications of a Peace Agreement for Human Rights
Peace and human rights are not in conflict with one another. In fact, they are mutually reinforcing.
평화협정이 인권에 미치는 함의

The Implications of a Peace Agreement for US-ROK Relations
A peace agreement would advance the key goal of the alliance: the security of both countries. It would also help recalibrate the relationship in ways that better fit contemporary circumstances and interests.
평화협정이 한미관계에 미치는 함의

Women and the Korea Peace Process
For the Korea peace process to be successful, women must be meaningfully involved.
여성과 한반도 평화 프로세스

Recommendations: The Korea Peace Process
Recommendations from the Korea Peace Now! campaign for a successful peace process that can resolve the security crisis on the Korean Peninsula.
한반도 평화 프로세스의 성공을 위한 제안

Why the U.S. Should End the Travel Ban to North Korea
The 2017 travel ban on North Korea hinders meaningful people-to-people exchanges.

Killer Robots and South Korea
Learn about killer robots in South Korea: what they are, why you should be concerned about them, and what we can do to stop them.

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