The Gendered Impact of the Korean War: Past, Present, and Future

Virtual Webinar with Suzy Kim, Na-Young Lee, Echo, and Jiyeon Yuh

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The situation on the Korean Peninsula is the most dangerous since the Korean War as multiple conflicts have erupted around the world. In recognition of International Women’s Day, join a webinar with two renowned feminist scholar-activists whose work sheds light on the gendered impact of the Korean War and the role of women to advance peace and justice. Suzy Kim, Professor of Korean History at Rutgers University, will provide a historical account of how North Korean and international women intervened during the Korean War based on her 2023 book, Among Women Across World: North Korea in the Global Cold War. Na-Young Lee, a professor at Chung-Ang University, will provide insight on the impact of the ongoing war on South Korean women, including militarized sexual violence, and the efforts underway in South Korea to hold the ROK government and U.S. military accountable. Women Cross DMZ’s Echo Cho will provide an update of the organizing underway by the Korea Peace Now! Grassroots Network in the U.S. towards ending the Korean War. The event will be moderated by Northwestern University professor Ji-Yeon Yuh, Women Cross DMZ Board Member.