WATCH: An Evening with Noam Chomsky: The Korean Peninsula and the US Drumbeat to war in East Asia

Join us for a critical discussion with Noam Chomsky regarding the disastrous implications of Washington’s military encirclement of China on the future of the Korean Peninsula. This forum is endorsed by 35 international peace organizations working to foster global activism to counter the growing danger of US brinkmanship in the Asia-Pacific region. Presented by JNC TV.

Webinar in English, Q & A in Korean and English

Moderator: Simone Chun, Korea Policy Institute


Youtube Live:

Endorsed By: Action One, Korea Atlanta Civic Action, Channing and Popai Liem Education Foundation, Civic Group INDEPENDENCE, CodePink, Justice & Peace Committee, New York, Korean American Public Action Committee (KAPAC), Koreans for Woori Schools, Korea International Peace Forum, Korean Progressive Coalition of Seattle, Korean New Zealanders for a Better Future, Massachusetts Peace Action, National Committee for Independent Democracy and Peaceful Reunification, New England Korea Peace Campaign, Peace Action, Peace21, Peace Philosophy Centre, Vancouver, Canada,, Seattle Evergreen Coalition, The Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security, The 6.15 US Committee for Reunification of Korea, The National Institute of Hahm Sok Hon Philosophy, People For Peaceful Korean Unification, Toronto Citizens Alliance for Peace, Toronto Chapter for Korean Universal Basic Income, University of Toronto Alumni for Korea Peace, Veterans For Peace, chapter 113 Hawaii, Veterans For Peace, chapter 69, San Francisco, VFP’s Korea Peace Campaign, Women Cross DMZ, World BEYOND War.