Stop the US-ROK War Drills

Pictured above: Protesters call for stopping the US-South Korea war drills outside the White House in April 2022.


Every spring and fall, the United States and South Korea hold joint military exercises that prepare for and rehearse war with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). These provocative war drills heighten military tensions on the Korean Peninsula and delay the peaceful resolution of the 70-year Korean War.

Since 1954, the size and scale of these military exercises have grown steadily; by 1976 more than 100,000 troops participated. Past joint war drills have included the deployment of B-2 bombers designed to drop nuclear bombs (which cost US taxpayers $130,000 an hour to fly), nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines, as well as the firing of long-range artillery and other weapons that cause significant harm to local residents and the environment in South Korea. The drills are based on operation plans that reportedly include pre-emptive strikes and “decapitation measures” against North Korea.

Despite their purported role to deter North Korea, joint military exercises are proven to create a more threatening security environment and elicit greater provocation. These costly and highly provocative war exercises heighten military and political tensions on the Korean Peninsula, divert critically needed resources away from urgent human and environmental needs in both the United States and South Korea, and delay peace-building as promised in both the 2018 US-DPRK Singapore Joint Statement and the inter-Korean Panmunjom Declaration.

We call on the Biden administration to stop the joint war drills with South Korea and for all parties to begin talks toward formally ending the unresolved Korean War and establishing a permanent peace system on the Korean Peninsula.

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Peace Talks Not War Drills!


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