Watch Gloria Steinem, Jody Williams, & Rep. Barbara Lee Discuss Peace in Korea

Last week, we had the opportunity to gather with Gloria Steinem, Jody Williams, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, and others to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our historic DMZ crossing to call for peace on the Korean Peninsula. 

We came together to reflect on and celebrate our achievements in the last five years, but also to gather and renew our strength for the path forward.

Among some of the highlights:

Ann Wright, a former US Army colonel and diplomat, recounted the experience of meeting a North Korean general during a quilt-stitching ceremony in Pyongyang and realizing that they had both been preparing for war with each other’s countries but had now come together for the cause of peace.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee, whose father fought in the Korean War, described what it was like to watch the 2015 crossing when she was in Ghana. She likened the criticisms of our calls for peace to her lone vote against the Iraq war in 2001.

“What is taking place is as a result of your bravery and your work, and you’re really a true testament to what power can do if women organize around peace, around justice, around humanity.”

— Rep. Barbara Lee

Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams recalled her experience traveling to the DMZ and meeting South Korean soldiers who worked with North Korean soldiers on de-mining portions of the DMZ and realized their shared humanity.

Women Cross DMZ Co-founder Gloria Steinem reflected on how much progress the women’s movement for peace in Korea has made since 2015, as evidenced by the resolution in Congress calling for an official end to the Korean War.

Also discussed: the impact of our report on “The Human Costs and Gendered Impact of Sanctions on North Korea” and the Congressional resolution calling for an end to the Korean War with a peace agreement.